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For the past few months, you have received emails on topics such as what to expect with WAKIX, how to take WAKIX, and finding support. Some emails also included access to online resources, such as:

  • Talking About Your Treatment, a discussion guide for talking to your healthcare provider
  • Setting Your Treatment Goals, a guide to setting and reflecting on treatment goals
  • Inspiration Generator, a tool to create an inspiring image for your phone or computer

You were also sent an Inspiration Journal by mail to help you get inspired, practice self-⁠care, and organize your thoughts.


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Read the following statements and tell us how helpful the emails and tools were to you as you started taking WAKIX.

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Preparing me for interactions with my healthcare provider about WAKIX.

Knowing what to expect when taking WAKIX.

Making a daily routine for taking WAKIX.

Noticing any progress I may be making toward my treatment goals.

Finding more information about support options for managing my narcolepsy
(eg, family and friends, support groups, healthcare providers).


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The frequency with which you received emails and tools was:

How likely would you be to recommend the emails and tools you received to another person who has been prescribed WAKIX?

Very unlikely
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Very likely

Which of the following features would make the program more useful? (Select all that apply.)

Are you currently taking WAKIX?

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Thank you for your responses! We appreciate your time to help us improve the program.

As you continue to manage your EDS or cataplexy in narcolepsy, we encourage you to come back to WAKIX.com for additional support.